クロアチアのイチゴの季節 Strawberry Sesason in Croatia


The temperature in Zagreb is increasing since last week. The sun is very strong here and I feel like as if the sun burns my skin! The Japanese summer on the other hand is very different. I think the sun is not that strong, but because of humidity, many people who visit Japan during summer think the air is so steamy and sticky, and very difficult to breath. Anyway, as the summer arrives in Zagreb, the strawberry season in Croatia ends. Usually, the strawberries are in season from the beginning of May til mid-June.


When the strawberries are in season, you will see lots and lots of strawberries not only in the Dolac market but everywhere in the city. The photo shows many strawberry stands in front of the Zagreb main station. 


Average price of the strawberries in Zagreb is about 10Kn to 12Kn per kilo. Croatian strawberries has very strong and sweet taste. In Japan, if you go to a supermarket, you will find a pack of strawberries that are very regular in size. I don't know why, but Japanese people, or better to say, Japanese shops think it's better to sell everything  are in regular/even and shapely. And they are usually very expensive. A pack of strawberries during in season is about 4 to 5 Euros. If you want to buy "normal" strawberries, which are irregular in shape, then you need to go to a local market. Usually, they are cheaper and better in taste (I think).


In Croatia, I can find strawberries only when they are in season, which is a bit different from Japan. So, I ate a lots and lots of strawberries during this a month and a half until I got tired of them :) I usually like to eat strawberries with condensed milk, but I couldn't find it here... So, I made it according to a recipe. 


Before the strawberry season ended, I made lots of jars of strawberry confiture with damaged strawberries. The right photo is panna cotta with strawberry confiture. Since I moved here, I think I started making many different things by myself. While I was in Japan, I often prefer to buy things if I can to save time and trouble. But I start liking cooking more and finding new recipes. And after all, cooking by myself is much healthier and fun :)


遊び心 Good Sense of Fun



Cute Little Face

Recently, we have sudden shower almost everyday in Zagreb in the last 2 weeks or so. The rain usually stops in a few hours, though. It seems like Zagreb has a bit of tropical climate. But my husband told me that this kind of weather is very unusual.

So, I take a walk to the city or to the market while the sun is out through the clouds. And I met this cute little face in the city :) She has such a loooong eyelashes. I really like this kind of playful mind :)


アートな街ザグレブ Capital of Art Zagreb?!


Suddenly many cute animal characters appear at Zrinjevac, the park in the center of Zagreb! It may have some connection with Anime Festival 2012 held in Zagreb from 29 May to 3 June.


I also found that they have moved to other positions when I visited the Zrinjevac the other day... Hmmm, who moved them?


I wonder if they are characters from any books. so many cute different animal characters :)

囲まれているのは悪い子たち?! ハチがころんとしていてかわいい~(人´∀`)

Are those who are fenced are bad boys?! The roundish bees are my favourite :) 



I think people in Zagreb and people in Croatia in general has a good sense of fun. When I have a walk around the city, I always find something new, so I've never get bored with Zagreb :)



CEST is the festival of street performances starting from 8 June till 12 June. But when I went to the center, I've already seen a stage and a street performer entertaining lots of audiences. 

 木にこんな落書き?!が。かわいんだか、なんだか・・・(^ ^;)

Who is this girl?! It looks funny, but hmmmm....


I found that girl on the tree in winter, but now she is fading.


You will find lots of statues and monuments and so on. There is a big ball in the middle of the city, too.


It might be fun to "catch" those statues and monuments with your camera :)


The photo is from the fashion industry festival held in early May. There are always some events held at the Jelačić square. This also reminds me of Melbourne, which also host many international, domestic and cultural festivals and events. 


A big horse (?) suddenly appears in the center of Zagreb. The work is titled as "Christmas Monster". I think this was made of disposed Christmas trees.



2 birds drawn on the wall.
One of them was drawn so as to peck the grass growing from the crack on the wall.


Zagreb is the city that embraces arts in daily life. When you take a walk in Zagreb, pay a little attention to your feet, walls surrounding you, a small and narrow passage, and you may find a hidden arts ;)