ドブロブニクの物価とレストラン Prices and Restaurants in Dubrovnik


Dubrovnik is the one of the most popular destination for European people for summer vacation. So, there are lots of restaurants and cafes inside and outside the Old City of Dubrovnik, and you wouldn't have any difficulty finding a restaurant there. Most of restaurants serve really good meat plates and seafood! As far as I tried, restaurants in Dubrovnik serve tasty food.

By the way, one thing I was a bit surprised in Croatia was that mostly, salad is brought to table undressed. So, usually, I have to pour olive oil and vinegar prepared on the table.


But, I think many people wonder how pricey Dubrovnik is. I would say, prices in Dubrovnik is higher by 30 to 40 % compared to Zagreb. Still, I think Dubrovnik is not pricey compared to other major European touristic destinations.  For example, a cup of coffee in Dubrovnik is about 18Kn, a middle-size pizza is about 45Kn, a plate of pasta is about 70Kn, and a cake is about 30Kn.



There are more restaurants in Lapad peninsula, and they are usually cheaper than restaurants in the Old City.

But, I really recommend Restaurant Panorama next to the cable car station on mount Srđ if you have time! If you are lucky enough to get a table on terrace, you will have a gorgeous view of Dubrovnik in front of you :) My husband and I had cakes and coffee (90Kn for both of us) at the table on the terrace, having a very romantic time with just chatting and enjoying the lit-up night view of Dubrovnik :)


When we visited the restaurant the other day just after the sunset, there are many people queuing up for dinner! So, I would recommend you to book a table before you go. Also, the restaurant serves breakfast (about 50Kn). Having breakfast on that terrace table over the panorama of Dubrovnik hit by the morning sun would be such an elegant morning :) I would definitely love to have breakfast at the restaurant next time when I visit Dubrovnik!

Restaurant PANORAMA
Brsalje 1, 20000 Dubrovnik
Tel: 020 321-664


The opening hour of the restaurant Panorama changes depending on the operating hour of the cable car (see the pic). Also, after the sunset, the temperature suddenly dropped on the mount Srđ, and it was actually very cold even in the end of June! Lucky that the restaurant prepared rugs for us...

プレチェ門を入ったすぐ近くにあるレストラン、REVELIN CLUB。ここのテラス席からはドゥブロブニクの旧港が見渡すことができて、この中世な街の雰囲気がステキ。テラス席は食事をする人のみで、コーヒー、デザートだけだと手前の席に案内されます。

We also had lunch and coffee at a restaurant called REVELIN CLUB located near the Ploče gate. The curtains at the terrace give it very Roman atmosphere, and I really liked it :) And from there, you will have a great view of Dubrovnik Port.

レストランREVELIN CLUBでいただいたチョコレートケーキ(34Kn)、バナナ・スプリット(39Kn)、コーヒーと紅茶(それぞれ18Kn)。ケーキの値段がザグレブのカフェの倍くらいしていたけど、チョコレートケーキがものすっごくおいしかったので良しとしよう!ちなみに、ディナーのピーク時は席が空いていてもカフェの利用は断られてしまいました(>_<)カフェを利用したい場合、夕方の早い時間か夜の10時以降なら大丈夫そうです。

The photo shows the chocolate cake (34Kn), Banana Split (39Kn), coffee (18Kn) and tea (18Kn) we ordered. Comparing to prices of cakes in Zagreb, they were very expensive, almost double! But, the chocolate cake was super tasty and I didn't regret for that :)

By the way, when we returned for coffee the other day during the peak time of dinner, we were refused to have coffee and cake even though there was a table available :( So, if you want have only coffee and cake at the restaurant, avoid the peak time of dinner!

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